Dissemination Activities

DateDescriptionActivity TypeLocation
22/11/2019Poster at the European Public Health Conference 2019 (Marseille, 2019) - AcceptedParticipation to a ConferenceMarseille
07/10/20192x papers presented, each with a public video by videolectures.netParticipation to a ConferenceLjubljana
05/09/2019IBM Social Campaign Manager chosen as the Finalist for the European Data Science & AI Awards 2019 in the best use of AI in Health and Wellbeing categoryParticipation to an Event other than a Conference or a WorkshopCroke Park, Dublin
14/08/2019Maritta Perälä-Heape gave MyData presentation in SWOT for Smart Cities event organised for the city Oulu decision makers and region IT.Participation to an Event other than a Conference or a WorkshopFinland, City of Oulu
02/04/2019Presentation by Maritta Perälä-Heape in the International Conference - The 24th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth in Kuopio on subject "Data-driven future supported by research and innovation competence centers" the MIDAS was used there as a reference for its big data perspectives.Participation to a ConferenceKuopio city, Finland
11/02/2019Talk about the data analytics in epidemic intelligence and the contributions to the global public health initiative Influenzanet in the context of MIDASPitch EventInstitute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia
06/02/2019XVI Foro de Seguridad y Protección de DAtos de Salud. Workshop related to BIGDATA in Health, protection and securityParticipation to a WorkshopValladolid
19/12/2018Overall discussion of the state-of-the-art of text classification based on MeSH Headings and MEDLINE, demonstration of the MIDAS MeSH Classifier, and discussion of its impact and integration in the automated annotation of news Pitch EventInstitute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia
25/10/2018Presentation of system dynamic modelOrganisation of a Workshop
23/10/2018Discussions with Daniela Paolotti and her unit about the outcomes of Influenzanet data exploration, and contribution in the context of MIDASPitch EventISI Foundation, Turin
22/10/2018Talk about some impactful perspectives in exploring the MIDAS news dashboard to identify news bias in HealthParticipation to a WorkshopTurin, Italy
11/10/2018This workshop is the slovenian version of the main KDD conference, organized by the Institute Jozef Stefan in LjubljanaParticipation to a ConferenceLjubljana, Slovenia
08/10/2018Workshop entitled "Congreso Big Data biosanitarios: Oportunidades e implicaciones jurídicas" organized by the consortium of Bigdatius (http://bigdatius.com/) regarding the need of new regulation about big data and research in biomedical science. It was held the 8th and 9th of October at the facilities of the University of Basque Country in Bilbao. There were invited representatives of the Spanish data protection office, the Basque data protection office, IRB and researchers.

Roberto Bilbao gave a presentation about MIDAS project.

Participation to a Workshop
25/09/2018BIOSPAIN is the largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and one of the largest in the world by the number of one-to-one meetings (+3.000) and companies participating (+800). 34% of our delegates came from outside of Spain.ExhibitionSeville, Spain
22/08/2018KDD 2018 Project Showcase Track - we presented the MIDAS MEDLINE text mining tools through a talk, a demo and a posterParticipation to a ConferenceLondon
20/08/2018Healthday workshop track epiDAMIK on digital epidemiologyParticipation to a WorkshopLondon
04/07/2018Non-scientific and non-peer-reviewed publication (popularised publication)
26/06/2018Presentation on MIDAS and open prescribing data to Newry Digital Meetup (industry event)Participation to a WorkshopNewry, NI