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Jonne’s Story

This story tells us about Jonne and his problems. His parents are substance abusers and have mental health problems, which has its effects on Jonne’s growth. The family has no money for hobbies, Jonne suffers from bullying at school, he drifts to bad company and starts using intoxicants. He gets into conflicts with authorities and gets depressed but does not want any help. Only after his second suicide attempt, Jonne is placed in an institution. As years go by there are lots of costs due his situation and care.

There are a lot of information and data about all of us. The data is not an enemy. We can choose the data to be used for good as well. The data can be analysed in MIDAS platform by bringing it together so that we all benefit from it. The aim is that we can react to early signs with these kind of situations. Could the story of Jonne be something else? We should be able to prevent the situations like what happened to Jonne by monitoring the correct measures, and by reacting to the challenges in parenthood, hobbies availability and mental health issues in time. The MIDAS turns the wheel of the young people for better life and adulthood.

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