MIDAS OSF & Platform Demonstrator

MIDAS Open Source Foundation

In order to ensure the sustainability both in relation to uptake and exploitation of the MIDAS platform and tools as well as for their further enhancement post the funded project, we have determined that this can be best achieved through the establishment of an Open Source Foundation (OSF) – the MIDAS OSF. Having very successfully recently completed the funded project final review with the European Commission, we are currently in the process of establishing the MIDAS OSF as a legal entity as we transition to post-project exploitation.

We already have a significant established interest in membership of the MIDAS OSF from organisations, cities and regional authorities from France, Spain, and Scotland including a major health insurer in France, as well as from other H2020 PM18 projects.

MIDAS Platform Demonstrator

A key component of supporting the further take-up of the MIDAS platform and tools post project is to have a platform demonstrator to showcase the functionality, usability, and efficacy of the MIDAS Platform and its tools to potential new Health Trusts, Regions and organisations who may be interested in adopting the MIDAS platform to meet their Health Data Analytics and Data-Driven Policy Development needs. This will also facilitate encouraging new membership from organisations and regions to join the MIDAS Open Source Foundation (OSF) for further sustainability and growth of the MIDAS platform and its tools.

To that end the current Ulster Test Development Platform is being transitioned post project to become the MIDAS Demonstrator Platform. This will have a representative set of open, anonymised and / or synthetic data upon which the full range of analytics and corresponding visualisations available within the MIDAS platform and tools will be available for interested parties to apply for access and test out the platform and tools.

If you are interested in more information on the MIDAS OSF or the getting access to the MIDAS Platform Demonstrator please email us at:

hello@midasproject.eu or mm.black@ulster.ac.uk

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